Saturday, March 10, 2007

I've Seen 300

"Ooo, your muscles are all knotted up. I can fix that."

This movie ROCKED!

Did your girlfriend force you to waste money on the chick flick/date movie Music & Lyrics?

Well, now you can exact your revenge by telling her 300 is a sappy, romance film about undying love during the Roman era.

She'll then be treated to yelling, fighting, bloodshed, decapitations, impalings, and a rape scene. If that doesn't get her into the mood, dump her cottage cheese looking ass.

It made sense that the lead character, Gerard Butler, had a law degree in real life after I heard him scream, "Have no mercy and take no prisoners!"

The dialogue in this film is memorable and quite quotable.

At the end of this movie I felt like organizing an army of 300 to take over all of Mexico. But I only managed to round up 4 people. That barely adds up to a posse, much less an army.

This movie is definitely worth seeing again in the theater AND purchasing the DVD when it becomes available.

"Madness? THIS. IS. SPARTA!!! "



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