Monday, February 19, 2007

The Mindlessness of Mencia

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Mexican wannabe, "Carlos Mencia", got his lawyers to pull the classic moment of total utter ownage (courtesy of Joe Rogan) off of the Youtube site.

He claimed copyright infringement. AHH-HAAAAA-Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!

"Mencia" still thinks that it's perfectly and morally alright to rip off material from talented comedians, but no one can use his homely likeness on their sites without his permission.

I think this marks the first time ever "Carlos" has been somewhat funny on his own.

I can just picture Holness uncontrolably bawling as his head is being caressed and consoled on his lawyer's snot covered, tear saturated shoulder.

NED's LAWYER: "Shhh. There, there, my little female dog. Rogan isn't here now."

Who's acting like a "Little Bitch" now, Ned?

Guess what, "Mencia"? Your 15 minutes are up, dude. It's about time somebody use that long cane to hook your bloated, bullfrog of a German neck off the stage.

And Ned had the audacity to nickname himself "The Punisher". Is that the only original joke he's ever conceived of himself? Where was this supposed "Punisher" when Joe Rogan was laying the verbal smack down upon his sorry, pathetic existence?

Thanks to Joe, you can now call yourself "The Punished". It's much more befitting.



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