Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mark McGuire: Contnet To Being An Imposter

Mark McGuire pled the 5th when asked if he had taken performance enhancing steroids to achieve his record breaking baseball season.

In my books, McGuire might as well have said, "Damn straight I did!"

Then Mark has the audacity to tell reporters, "I had an absolutely wonderful career that I am very proud of."

So, what McGuire is essentially saying to young, aspiring baseball players is that it is perfectly alright to cheat, because being a cheater is something you can be totally proud of.

Mark McGuire and all professional athletes who take steroids disgust me.

I sincerely hope that Mark and and all his ilk never make it into the hall of fame.

If McGuire enjoys the feeling of needles puncturing his ass so much, he should have become a gay porn star instead.



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