Saturday, January 13, 2007

David Caruso Deserves An Emmy

David Caruso is an inspiration to everyone in Hollywood who is ugly and talentless.

If you find yourself to be in that category, and are tired of the incessant audition rejections, just remind yourself of the fact that David Caruso made it.

Maybe I'm stupid beyond belief, but I cannot distinguish between Caruso's character on NYPD Blue from the one he plays on CSI: Miami. Oh, who am I kidding? David is a one dimensional "actor" who gets paid a phenomenal amount of money to not act at all. Anyone can read cue cards in a monotone manner. If it didn't hurt so much for Caruso to laugh, he'd be doing it every time he went to the bank.

And David, having the camera constantly document the action of you putting on your tacky shades doesn't make you cool - just an over paid fool.



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