Monday, July 06, 2009

Dane Cook Robbed Blind

Dane Cook's business manager (who happens to be his half brother, Darryl McCauley) has been charged with stealing over $11 million from the plagiarist "comedian".

Only now does Dane Cook know how the comedians he ripped jokes off from feel. Dane, your half bro was just following your example. Why should he be punished for doing something you were exorbitantly financially rewarded for? Cook steals material from other comics and makes over $11 million. Darryl McCauley steals $11 million from Dane Cook and he goes to jail.


Dane should change his name to "Lame Cook" or become an anti-hero dressed in a tight pink spandex body suit and call himself Unfunny Man. Probably not very original, but, then again, neither is Cook.

Dane Edna looking at his recent bank statements.



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