Friday, February 06, 2009


"Let's do what Indians do best. Let's make a baby."

This movie is about, Jamal, a Muslim Indian orphaned street kid, who defies the odds society has placed on him to become potentially successful by being a contestant on the game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The whole purpose of the main character going on the game show is to hope that his missing childhood girlfriend, Latika, sees and tries to contact him. I was disappointed to realize that Regis Philbin was not in this picture. I very much wanted to see him riding an elephant, while donning a poorly wrapped turban.

The director's name is Danny Boyle. He has made films such as Trainspotting, and 28 Days Later. The style of direction is quite similar to The Usual Suspects, yet undeniably effective for the nicely paced storyline.

This film is basically a very tolerable chick flick. Despite that flaw against it, I still recommend seeing this movie at the theater for full price. See if you can get away with paying the entire fare with rupees.



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