Friday, January 09, 2009

George W. Bush CAPTIONED!

"Let's talk turkey. Heh, heh. Gobble, gobble."

Contrary to popular belief, turkeys are not shy creatures.

"It's true! The early bird does get the worm."

Move over dove, the turkey is now the new bird of peace.

An avian FBI agent investigates the fowl smelling odor emanating from G.W.'s crotch.

"Now this is what I call 'Turkish Delight'."

"What? Chicken Lips here is earning her right to be exonerated."

"I hope you're taking notes, Laura."

Tom Turkey puts aside his pride and begins to negotiate his release.

A diplomat from Turkey demonstrates a sure-fire plan on how to achieve peace in the Middle East.

"I asked for a drink of Wild Turkey whiskey, not for a wild turkey to drink my dinky!"

"I'm going to keep this turkey and name her Deep Throat."



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