Monday, October 13, 2008


Camilla Parker Bowels stars in Quarantine.

This film is about an apartment building being quarantined by the Center of Disease Control because of an extremely fast acting rabies outbreak within the complex that converts its victims into mindless zombies within mere minutes.

The majority of it is filmed by the unsteady hand of a news station camera man that seems to be constantly shaking (most probably due to his meth withdrawal symptoms). Although, the picture jerkiness isn't nearly as bad as Cloverfield, but I honestly cannot say it's a whole lot better. There also seems to be numerous inexplicable plot flaws that force you wonder if the screenplay was adapted from a rejected highschool play (emphasis on the word 'high').

Jennifer Carpenter wasn't terribly believable when trying to act natural as a reporter, but towards the end the scenes that required for her to be terrified was the best performance in the entire film...aside from the zombies, of course.

The scene on the movie poster and trailer involving the lady being dragged away is the ending. So the conclusion didn't come as a surprise to me as the movie was running out of time. Advertising the ending of a movie is like reading the last page of a mystery novel first.

This flick is only worth watching through your neighbor's window if they happened to have wasted their money by renting it.



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