Tuesday, October 14, 2008


“This pillow is a lot warmer than the goose feather one I had.”

Henrietta’s one night of “doggie style” bliss came at a painful price.

“That’s the last time I try to hatch a Cadbury Creme egg.”

Gene splicing outcomes can be a bitch to perfect.

Foghorn Leghorn will not be pleased.

Meet the Angelina Jolie of chickens.

Henrietta is not sure if she’s just given birth to a Pupkin or a Chuppy.

Against Pamela Anderson’s wishes, Henrietta would rather wear dead puppy fur than go naked.

The hen that laid the golden retriever.

Gonzo will not be pleased.

“Damn puppy refuses to hatch!”

“I shall call him…Rover.”

“Lil’ chick, go ahead and peck away at the dead puppy. It won’t bite.”

Henrietta is more than a little disappointed at the guard dog she purchased online from Newegg.com.

Fearing for his life, this Michael Vick witness goes into the Puppy Protection Program.

The San Diego Chicken will not be pleased.

FOGHORN: "I told you to abort that sonofabitch!”



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