Monday, August 18, 2008


"Let's see who has the better O-face."

I guess I, and the entire theater audience I saw Pineapple Express with, wasn't high enough to love this movie. Over 17,000 voters on rated this flick an "8", so I figured it would be actually worth paying to see. It would seem that there are nearly twenty thousand stoners with accounts, who had the presence of mind to over rate Pineapple Express.

There were three laughs, tops, throughout the entire viewing. And I'll list them, so I can save potential consumers of this film their hard earned cash.

Red: "I used this gun when I was a prostitute."
A couple of Chinese translations into English.

Anything else that might have been remotely humorous was already shown to death in their trailers.

Pineapple Express wasn't a terrible movie, nor was it a good one. I rate it as so-so, or as the French like to say, " C'est comme ci, comme ca.
Ah huh-huh-huh!" I suggest that you download it or get severely intoxicated and rent it if you have access to your grandma's senior discount.



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