Wednesday, October 17, 2007


"Now it's time to finger-bang her with THESE!"

The Heartbreak Kid is about a man in his 40's who feels the pressures that society places on him to get married. So, he rushes into a marriage only to find out that he really doesn't know or even like this gorgeous woman that he has pledged his life to. But on his honeymoon, Stiller finds the woman of his dreams. That's when themes from past episodes of Threes Company come into play.

The women in this movie is what held it together. Malin Akerman ( who looks like an attractive version Cameron Diaz) played a bridezilla from Hell to perfection and Michelle Monaghan had the role of unobtainable soul mate.

This movie hardly made me laugh as much as earlier Farrelly brothers pictures have. This film is probably on par with Zoolander, better than Knocked Up, but inferior to that of There's Something About Mary.

"Ooo-ooo, ah-ah-ah!"



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