Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is Halle Berry a Bigot?

Halle Berry showed altered pictures of herself by warping them on her computer, just for fun, on the Tonight Show. In one picture, she had a very big nose in which she jokingly referred to the image on the photo as, " Jewish cousin." Implying that all Jews have huge honkers? I guess it's not politically correct to say so. I guess it's only P.C. if a Jew says it and gets to profit from it.

Nowadays, I don't understand these "social rules". Black Americans can demean themselves and drop the N-bomb as an affectionate greeting, but White folks are not allowed to say the very same word in public. Halle's mom is Caucasian and her dad is Negro. Does being partially White exclude Berry from blurting out the N-word?

What is happening? Is it evidence of the degeneration of the younger generation? Or are minority groups extremely hypocritical and selective when it comes to subject matters that benefit their cause? I honesty don't think anyone has a definitive clue anymore.

What's the difference between what Mel Gibson and Halle Berry said? The difference is that Ms. Berry is a visible minority who was extremely sober when she made her statement.

"What're ya look'n at, Sugar Tits?"



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