Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vick Pleads Guilty

Michael Vick has pleaded guilty to being involved in illegal gambling and killing numerous dogs.

Because of that admission, the National Football League has indefinitely suspended Vick from ever playing in the NFL again. Nike then discontinued Vick's lucrative promotional contract. The Atlanta Falcon's now don't have to fulfill the rest of Vick's 10 year $130 million contract. In fact, the NFL commissioner has given the Atlanta Falcon's permission to take back most of Vick's $22 million signing bonus. And to top things off, the FBI took away his beloved pit bulls. Is there anything left for someone to take away? Perhaps his dignity? Oops, too late.

Barry Bonds (MLB player) cheats in baseball by taking steroids and nothing happens.

Kobe Bryant (NBA player) sexually assualts a 19 year old Colorado girl and he continues to make bus loads of money as a free man.

What I didn't know is that athletes have free reign to do anything they want, as long as they don't kill dogs.

Is destroying weak bitches a worse offense than raping a promiscuous bitch - er - I mean woman?

"Thanks to Kobe's settlement money, everyday is shopping day!"



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