Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Best Campaign Ad Ever!

Hillary, can't buy this kind of free publicity.

I was going to vote for Barack Obama, but I recently heard that George Clooney was hinting at backing him. So, now I am at a loss as to whom I should throw my support to.

Should I vote for Hillary Clinton?

I've talked to a New York resident (Hillary's constituent) who believes Mrs. Clinton has done nothing for New York, but to use her adopted "home" State as a political platform to promote her own presidential aspirations.

"THIS was the exact look on my face when I walked in on Bill & Monica doing the nasty."

If there was an independant alternative to the candidates currently running, I'd most likely vote for him or her (or it?) .

I'd vote for Judge Judy if she were running. Mrs. Sheindlin has that sagacious, stern grandmotherly quality about her that America seems to be in desperate need for.

"Bin Laden won't be able to outrun my foot from going up his boney ass."



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