Friday, March 16, 2007

Carol Burnett is Hard Up for Cash

Carol Burnett is suing the Fox Network $2 million for copyright infringement.

All this fuss is over an 18 second bit on an episode of The Family Guy that aired a year ago.

The bit in question pokes fun at Burnett's cleaning lady shtick.

If I'm not mistaken, The Carol Burnett Show did more than its fair share of spoofing other people's copyrighted material.

The only comedy sketch of Burnett's show that I can recall is the one mocking Gone with the Wind. Hmm, I wonder if Fox owns Gone with the Wind. If so, then they can counter sue Burnett for the exact same thing she is accusing the Fox Network of committing.

I hope the curators of the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate sue Carol for each time she decided to bellow out the Tarzan call on her show.

She probably needs all that money for plastic surgery to defy the ravages of time that have left an indelible mark upon her face. Ever hear of "aging gracefully", you sue-happy witch?

Carol Burnett = Hypocrite.



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