Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Free Casey Anthony

Ms. Anthony > Inept Florida State Prosecutors

Casey Anthony was a mother who was accused and eventually acquitted of murdering her toddler daughter, Caylee. For many weeks she chose not to report to police that her daughter was missing. Eventually, the corpse of Caylee was found approximately 6 months later.
If Casey Anthony didn't want her child of unknown paternity, perhaps she should have just aborted Caylee in the first place. That would have saved the tax payers many millions of dollars investigating this unsolvable crime. It would have prevented Caylee from needlessly having to suffer during the very last moments of her just beginning young life. It would have also spared Casey's parents from the years of miserable emotional torment she chose to put them through.

Now that Casey has been found not guilty, the sky is now the limit. In fact, financially speaking, having the public believe that she killed her beloved baby and got away with it was the best thing she could have done. It will certainly pay more than pretending to be an employee of Universal Studios. To help cover her lawyer costs, she could sell t-shirts of herself smiling with the title "Mom of the Year" printed below it. It could become a tasteless fad for the kiddies. The lucrative TV interviews and publishing rights to her lie laden story could be worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars alone. If America is good at one thing, it's exploiting and profiting from another's tragic misfortune. Just ask television host, Nancy Grace.

"Stay infanticidal, my friends."



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