Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I've Seen SPLICE!

"See this hand? I will pimp slap you HARD with it!"

Splice is about the implications of humans playing God by tampering with nature. It stars Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, and Delphine Chaneac.

Speaking of God, this plot reminded me of the story of Adam and Eve. Where the woman coaxes the man to do something they're not supposed to, and later on they suffer the consequences of their actions when Adam is infected with the first ever case of herpes. In this particular instance, they defy the DNA code of ethics by combining human genes amongst other various animals.

The best acting came from Adrien Brody as he is able to sufficiently convey his emotional confliction with their volatile experiment. Delphine Chaneac was also very convincing as the almost mute mutant, Dren.

What I like about Splice is its willingness to tackle taboo subject matters, such as: Human cloning, what are the considerations for technical infidelity, bestiality, incest, and messing around with the building blocks of life. I would've loved to have attempted to carry an intellectual conversation on those hot button topics. It's just a shame that all my current friends display no interest at all to view this film. I say it is their loss, because I believe Splice is worth seeing at the theater for full price.

Delphine is a Frenchier, sexier, & more talented version of Courtney Cox.

Dren without her special effects makeup.

*sighs...then begins to drool rabidly*

NSFW pics of Delphine as Dren: Dren1 Dren2 Dren3



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