Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I've Seen ORPHAN

"See what happens if you call me 'Laura Ingalls' again."

Orphan is about a family that goes to a human version of a Christian animal shelter and adopts an emotionally dysfunctional little girl who could very well have been the troubled daughter of Satan. This film is totally carried by the acting abilities of Vera Farmiga as the mom and Isabelle Fehrman as Esther, the psycho kid. With an abundance of weak, unmemorable women roles in Hollywood, these two, at the very least, deserve Oscar nominations for their extremely credible performances.

This movie is sort of like Friday the 13th. The only differences between the two are that Orphan was rather entertaining, it had an intelligent storyline, all females in it could actually act, and it will be worth watching again on video.



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