Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Ooo, I love techno music! Let's DANCE!!"

I never read the original graphic novel, so I had no idea that this story was not going to be your typical superhero action film. The plot revolves around a murdered ex-superhero, and another superhero conducting his own private investigation to solve the case. What is eventually uncovered is far bigger than the demise of one single mutant. It stars Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino. I'm not familiar with the rest of the actors, but was very impressed with the casting, nonetheless.

Rorschach became my favorite character, as he was played brilliantly by the vertically challenged former Bad News Bear star, Jackie Earle Haley. Dr. Manhattan exhibits his Smurf-colored junk throughout the film a bit much for my liking. But as the film progressed, I just came to accept his aversion for clothing as the result of being heavily influenced by care-free Europeans. I must say that it was also refreshing to see interesting roles for women that didn't cause me to disappointingly groan, constantly look at my watch, or require the need for nudity...although the latter definitely didn't hurt this picture, whatsoever.

When it comes to directing, Zach Snyder makes Steven Spielberg look like Sofia Coppola. Snyder's previous film, 300, was awesome and Watchmen forces me to recommend this movie to be watched at full price at an Imax theater and then, at the earliest possible moment, purchase the DVD.

Apollonia Vanova as a sexy Nazi minx.

When the mutant dyke, Silhouette, was found shot to death in bed with her girlfriend, I openly wept. Not because she was dead, but because they didn't show any girl on girl action before she died. Where's the justice!?!



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