Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kiefer Sutherland Does Jail Time

Jack Bauer can't save Kiefer Sutherland now, since a judge has sentenced him to 48 days in jail for his most recent DUI offense. Based on other recent celebrity convictions, I'm curious to see if Sutherland will be out in 24.

Kiefer is to serve his time in a minimum security facility in a cell that measures 8 feet by 10 feet. To put that into perspective, it's slightly smaller than his liquor cabinet at home.

Kiefer will also have to perform chores such as food preparation (H?) and washing the skid marks out of his fellow felon's underwear.

Kiefer's stint in the pokey will be a working one, since he has agreed to guest star on another series called Prison Break and to star (punch?) in a remake of the HBO classic, Oz .
"Hungh!"Cue the bongo drums.

Kiefer preparing for his prison stint.



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