Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong Un CAPTIONED!

KJU: You're my only friend, Dennis Rodman.
DR: Next to Jim Beam, you're my besty, too.

KJU: Will you put on that wedding dress for me again?
DR: For the right amount of cash, I'll put on a g-string and give you a lap dance.

KJU: Tell Obama that if the U.S. needs a loan all he has to do is ask North Korea.
DR: Speaking of which, can you loan me a hundred?
KJU: Dollars?
DR: Grand. Child support's a BITCH!

KJU: You and me have a lot in common, Dennis Rodman.
DR: Really?
KJU: Ha ha. No, not really.

KJU: Can you give me the name of your tattoo artist?
DR: To tell you the truth, most of them were traced from a coloring book.

KJU: Tell Obama that he should leave Syria alone.
DR: What's Syria? Is it a new brand of vodka? Why was I not informed of this?

KJU: Do you think this haircut makes me look too much like Ernie from Sesame Street?

KJU: Pretend that I'm discussing a serious matter and you just look pensive, okay?

KJU: What are your thoughts on peace in the Middle East?
DR: Which piece are you talking about?

KJU: I saw you on Celebrity Rehab, with Dr. Drew. I predict you'll win an Emmy.
DR: I was on Celebrity Rehab?

KJU: I need you to teach me to twerk like Miley Cyrus.

KJU: What will it take to hook me up with a gallon of Kim Kardashian's breast milk?

KJU: I want you to do something important for my country, Dennis Rodman.
DR: Just name it.
KJU: It's a matter of National Security. PSY must die.
DR: What do you have against sighing?

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